What’s the Best Tattoo Machine Kit for Beginners?


Are you looking for fantastic Tattoo Machine Kits Professionals? Do you want the best deal, the best value, or the top-of-the-line model? Do you find research to be a source of anxiety? There are too many tattoo pen kits on the market to choose from, however, how to choose the best tattoo machine kit?

Now let us lead you into the tattooing world.

Everyone starts somewhere and we are here to guide you all the way. The list down below gives you a guide into what you need to look for while looking for the best starter tattoo machine kit.

  1. Tattoo pen
  2. Dual digital tattoo power supply
  3. Tattoo cartridge needles (5 x 5RL, 5 x 5RM)
  4. Tattoo inks
  5. Standard power cord
  6. RCA clip cord
  7. Foot pedal
  8. Ink cups with base
  9. Tattoo practice skin
  10. Transfer paper
  11. Cohesive bandage
  12. Pair of blue nitrile gloves
  13. Tattoo pen kit user manual

Those are the basics to look for in any beginner’s tattoo machine kit.

The essentials of the best starter tattoo machine kit

Tattoo Pen

Good quality of pen can determine the whole kit’s level.

The Wormhole Tattoo Pen HP05-A is a pen-style tattoo machine, that is different from the traditional coil machine and rotary machine, it can help you save time fixing the kit, which was an innovative design when first released. This design means that the machine is quieter and less vibrates than conventional tattoo devices – without sacrificing puncturing power.

tattoo penThe tattoo pen has strong power, high-frequency stability, light sound, most suitable for precise and fast shader and liner work. The frame part is able to disassemble and maintenance, replacement parts, and the tattoo pen grip are autoclavable. The pen is finely carved CNC, wear resistance, long life. And it can be compatible with various brands’ tattoo power supplies and tattoo cartridge needles.

Tattoo Cartridge Needles

tattoo needlesThe wormhole tattoo cartridge needles are specially designed to catch more ink and make the tattoo ink flow well. Light grey and different color tail cover to help you to recognize the type. Tattoo needles are sharper that puncture the skin quickly and work stably. Rubber plug connection, good resilience, prevent tattoo ink flow back.

Condition: 100% New and work well

Material: PVC and the needles are made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel (316L).

Package: All needles are packaged in an Individual sterile blister Pack

Quantity: 20 pcs/box

Safety: Sterilized by EO gas

Tattoo Power Supply

power supplyThe power supply is also an important part of one kit. Wormhole Tattoo’s power supply –DY02 has one-liner output and one shader output, you can change the model whenever you want. This power supply provides solid and consistent 1.5 amp output and adjusts from 3volts to 13 volts. Operate among rotary, coil, and pen tattoo machines at maximum efficiency without having to switch modes. Wormhole tattoo power supply provides quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments.

Foot Pedal

foot pedalWormhole tattoo foot pedal N1007-9A is made of stainless steel 360, high-quality stainless steel body, durable and reliable. The connecting line is long enough to connect your tattoo foot pedal to the power supply. The users can easily control the tattoo machine at any angle, suitable for all standard tattoo machines. Just connect the power supply of the tattoo machine and the tattoo pedal, and then press the pedal switch, the tattoo machine gun will work.

Tattoo Supplies

Besides those, tattoo ink, tattoo ink cups, tattoo, transfer paper, and practice tattoo skin are also essential things for a starter. Because we recognize that beginners sometimes have no idea about these supplies. Therefore we prepared a complete tattoo machine kit for all you beginners. This kit includes all things above, and it can offer all needs you want. This is a professional tattoo machine that represents a great choice for a tattoo artist or for someone who wants to be tattooed by an artist who’s using the best technology available. Moreover, it’s made out of a high-quality material which makes it more durable than others, and lately, it has also become very famous among people.

tattoo pen kitThe complete tattoo machine kit WTK069, which is the top 1 on our website, includes all things you need.

Here are the reviews of this kit.

“Definitely the first tattoo machine that I’ll be picking up every day while practicing and will be with me when I really start working on people. I am not a professional tattoo artist, so I checked with a pro who liked this one. He says this was easy to use and to keep clean. It is good enough quality that he said he would take it if I wanted to swap it for a tattoo, but I would rather he taught me more about how to be a better artist. I can hold this pretty well because it is about the length of a pen or pencil, but really fat. But my practice art (on leather) still looks too sloppy while I learn how to control the pen.”

“This pen is so easy to use. It is lightweight and quieter than others. It is long but thick. I thought it would be clumsy to use due to the thickness, but boy was I wrong. I used it for at least a couple of hours without any hand tiredness or cramping. Very slick and while I’m just using practice skins, with this one I feel like I might graduate to trying people soon.”

“This is my absolute favorite tattoo machine/device of all the ones I’ve used over the years. It’s stable, steady, and holds a charge very well. Provides a reliable tattooing experience from start to finish with perfect glide, beautiful color saturation, pristine linework, and easy-to-use setting adjustment. The motor is whisper quiet and the operation of this device is a breeze. Hand feel is comfortable, the entire machine weighs almost nothing yet delivers a powerful and crisp tattoo every time.”

Moreover, the wormhole tattoo pen and power supply come with 1 warranty, and the tattoo foot pedal and clip cord come with 6 months. However, we do not suggest beginners tattoo people’s skin directly.

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