How to choose the correct tattoo needles?


Many customers ask us how to choose the proper needles, the difference between RL and RM, the difference between traditional tattoo needles and cartridge tattoo needles, and so on.
Today, let’s talk about tattoo needles.

The basic information about tattoo needles

There are an infinite number of needle styles, but they all fall into four basic categories:

Round Tattoo Needles

Round tattoo needles area unit needles that area unit soldered around a central shaft in spherical patterns. Spherical needles are liners or shaders. Spherical liners area units packed tightly (close together), which makes them excellent for technical work, little lines, and details. You may additionally see loose spherical liners. Loose spherical liners area unit used for thick, daring outlines like those found on Japanese-style tattoos. The spherical shaders area unit is nice for general color fill and basic shading.
Round needles area unit marked RL (Round Liner), RM( Round Magnum), and RS (Round Shader) for brief. You will nearly always see them written with their range ahead, like 9RL. The amount ahead tells you’ve got several needles area units in the configuration. Therefore a nine RL has 9 needles placed in a very circle configuration, a seven RL has 7 so on. If you are simply beginning out, you’ll be wanting to concentrate on spherical shaders in sizes three, 5, 7, and nine for a few shading and filling in little areas. Round needles use a similar size tube, therefore if you’re employing a 9RL needle, you’ll use a 9R tube. Pretty easy.

Magnum Tattoo Needles

The Magnum needles area unit is the go-to for nearly all shading work. These sets have an extended taper similar to or larger than the taper found on spherical shaders. Magnums deliver tons of ink, creating them ideal for extensive areas of color. As a result of the permit most ink through, you’ll want fewer passes over a locality victimization wine bottle needles, which suggests they’ll do more minor injury to the skin throughout multiple passes. There is a unit with some variations of curved magnum needles:

Round Magnums

Round curved magnums (also known as arcuate magnums) area unit reasonably cover version of the magnum needle. spherical (or rounded, each terms area unit correct) magnums area unit organized so the information arch at the middle. The thought is that this rounded edge conforms higher to the skin, giving a lot of consistent lines, higher ink dispersion, and less skin injury.
Round magnums area unit marked as RM with the number of needles beforehand. A five RM means a five-needle curved magnum with 5 needles to the bar, and also the rounded arrangement of points.


A single Magnum is used to shading, which also is known as Waved magnum. Most commonly used, easy to color.


Double-Magnum needles are used for solid shading. Because the needle tip density is relatively high. Therefore, the depth of penetration into the skin is relatively shallow, which is suitable for a very fine mist.

Flat Tattoo Needle

Flat tattoo needles area unit needles that area unit soldered in a very line to a needle bar. These needles area unit the foremost fashionable for the lining. As a result, their form lets them deliver a lot of ink to the skin. this implies clearer, darker lines with only one stroke.
Flat needles area unit marked Flat Liner or, less often, FS Flat Shader for brief. A bit like spherical needles, these area units are written out with the number of pins ahead, like 7FL or 5FS.
Also, like spherical needles, flat needles use their twin-sized tubes, therefore a 7FL needle can use a 7F tube.

The differences between Traditional tattoo needles and Cartridge Tattoo needles

Traditional tattoo needles are a group of needles that means needle bars solder together. They form a tattoo needle configuration on the bar. Cartridge tattoo needles are glued into a plastic piece called the plunger. The plunger is hosted in a plastic house which is sealed by the membrane cap. The membrane is the mechanism that continuously pulls the tattoo needles back into the housing. Coil and some rotary machines can use traditional tattoo needles, and a tattoo pen and some rotary machines can use cartridge tattoo needles. It all depends on the machine you use.

Tattoo Needle buying and what to look out for

Does this work with my gear?

Be sure to check the needles you are looking to purchase will match your setup. Make sure you have or buy the correct tubes or tips to match your needle gauge, size, and type.

Are the needles pre-sterilized and well made?

Wormhole Tattoo Traditional Needles are made of medical-grade stainless steel. Standard-length to fit all tattoo tubes and tattoo machines. Each tattoo needle has its own sealed package and comes with a blue dot. Each needle is individually stamped with expiration and sterilization dates.
Wormhole Tattoo cartridge needles are specially designed to catch more ink and make the tattoo ink flow well. Light grey and different color tail cover to help you to recognize the type. Tattoo needles are sharper that puncture the skin quickly and work stably. Rubber plug connection, good resilience, prevent tattoo ink flow back.
Condition: 100% New and work well

Are these tattoo needles right for what I want to do?

You don’t want to buy some 15 magnum needles if you specifically need to carry out some sleek linework. The same applies if you need to fill in some large color or do some soft shading; you don’t want to end up realizing you’ve bought some small round liner needles. Again, be sure to check out our handy guide above which will indicate what type of tattoo work each needle configuration is used for.

As much as this is a tattoo needle guide, however, we’ve tried to give you as much of the correct information as you’ll need. If you are searching for and finding this tattoo needle guide, you should already have a good level of understanding of tattoo needles and their uses by the route of a tattoo apprenticeship with a professional tattoo artist.

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