The Newest Wireless Tattoo Pens Launched in Wormhole Tattoo

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As always, the best pen-style rotary for you depends on preference, how you tattoo, your style, plus many more factors. However, you can be sure that whichever tattoo pen machine you opt for you will get the job done to the highest of standards!

During the last 10 years, we used the heavy and messy coil with tattoo supply and tattoo foot pedal. At that time no one has imagined that it will be all gone and just a battery-powered wireless pen will replace everything.

The main advantage of wireless pens gives more space for workstations and hygiene and a stress-free setup.

Today, we will introduce two types of wireless tattoo pens. They will draw your attention to different aspects.


The Ready Tattoo Pen-It Will Be Ready Whenever You Are

wireless tattoo pen

A pen named by our fans. (There is a digress from the topic at hand, follow our FB and join our groups and get the coupons.)

This pen has a drive motor and comes with a 4.5 mm stroke. Also, it adopts a direct drive system, so it works powerfully. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours. The coreless motor makes the tattoo pen work quietly, less noise. Moreover, it won’t heat up easily and has a long service life.

The pen body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Anti-slip and groove design provides a comfortable feel.

The pen comes with an interchangeable RCA adapter that allows it to work wireless and wired. Choose whatever working model you like. This battery is rechargeable. It lasts for 6 hours of work and takes 2 hours to recharge from empty. Its output voltage is 4.5-12V. It can shade quickly even when it works at 4.5V. You can adjust the power by changing its voltage.

A tattoo pen with a long stroke (4.5mm) can push large needle groups into the skin with ease and allows you to hang the needle farther out of the tip, which provides greater accuracy when you’re lining. Pens with longer strokes are more suitable for dot, line, traditional, and colored tattoo designs. Also, it comes with an RCA jack, so this tattoo pen can work as wired. When the battery was dead, you can replace the battery with the RCA jack. This lovely design is very friendly in case it runs out of power, meaning you can work without worrying about unlimited life.

wireless tattoo penPackage

A Tattoo pen with an RCA head

A USB-C power cable

An RCA tattoo clip cord


Advantages of This Tattoo Pen

  1. Even though this wireless tattoo pen works gently, it also makes shading quickly. so it causes less skin damage and saves time. In other words, this tattoo pen is a nice choice for both tattoo beginners and professional tattoo artists.
  2. There is an interchangeable RCA adapter for this wireless tattoo pen, so it is reliable to work for a long time.


The HK03 Tattoo Pen

tattoo penAbove is HK03 wireless tattoo pen machines, which give freedom to charge the battery whenever you want and put your machine for charging. The pen comes with two batteries and a charger, which means two batteries can be charged simultaneously. So the tattoo artist does not need to worry about the problem that the tattoo machine has no electricity. One piece of power bank can last for 6 hours of work and takes 2 hours to recharge from empty. Battery capacity: 1200MAH

This tattoo pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It adopts a CNC integrated carving process, ensuring machine parts are wear-resistant. A coreless motor is located inside it, so the pen works powerfully without heating up. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours. The motor is strong, with a voltage range of 4.5-12V and with an RPM of 14000.

With an ergonomic pen design, an LCD electronic display for intuitive control of tattoo voltage changes and displays information ensuring freedom when tattooing and allowing the artist to focus on the highly artistic work at hand. The button of “power”,”+” “-” is flexible to control, and accurately adjust the voltage. Low vibration allows you to enjoy an absolute quiet work operation, 2 batteries can be sufficient to ensure that the tattoo long-term work.

This handy machine is incredibly affordable and comes in black and red. Weighing in at just 173g, the HK03 wireless tattoo pen is lightweight, sleek, and easy to maneuver. That means you can count on total mobility and comfort when it comes to long tattooing sessions — it’ll definitely be clutch when taking on a demanding full-back panel. Combined with its 4.5mm stroke length, the machine is great for color packing and bold lines. And HK03 performs well with soft shading, making it an excellent all-around machine for all kinds of tattooing. Whether you’re doing fine line work, whip shading, or dot work, the Pen is ready for the challenge. See for yourself how it performs. It could be a great fit for you.

tattoo penPackage

1 X tattoo pen

1 X Charger


Advantages of This Tattoo Pen

  1. 2 wireless power banks with long battery life
  2. Minimal noise and vibration
  3. Compatible with most tattoo needles on the market


Now that you’ve got the low-down on the newest wireless tattoo pens Launched in Wormhole Tattoo, it’s time to get tattooing. The most important thing–these two types of tattoo wireless pens both come with one year of warranty.

Ready to find which one is best for you? Check out our entire wireless tattoo machine selection at the Wormhole Tattoo Supply store. We’d love to see what you can create with your ideal wireless tattoo machine. No matter which machine your artist chooses to use, rest assured that both of these tattoo machines are perfectly capable of creating the tattoo of your dreams when they are operated by a talented artist.

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