Best Tattoo Machine Kit in Wormhole Tattoo

Wormhole Tattoo Provides a wide selection of tattoo machine kits. When it comes to selecting the best tattoo machine kit, there are various factors to consider. Your requirements and needs will determine the most significant consideration. If you’re a professional tattoo artist, you’ll need high-end equipment, however, if you’re a beginner with limited experience, you’ll need inexpensive kits.
There are some classic tattoo kits recommended for you.

Tattoo Pen Kit Flash Pen with Tattoo Ink

The pen called Flash also has its own story.“This new tattoo pen is just like a flash, I meant it works quickly like flash in the sky. Shading is done I even didn’t know how it happened,” said Tattoo Artist Zero.
For tattoo apprentices, its price is affordable. If it is your first tattoo pen, then it will witness you becoming a true tattoo artist, for it comes with 12 month warranty.
A button on the top of the battery pack offers the opportunity to turn it on and off, as well as increase or decrease the voltage in increments of 1 V. Support 5 different voltage outputs, the operation is very stable. Long press the button to turn ON/OFF. Click the power button to switch voltages, and come with a 1-year warranty. We’d always recommend using the cables and chargers that come in the box to ensure you receive a solid flow of power.

tattoo pen kitPackage

1 X Tattoo pen
1 X Wireless tattoo power supply
2 X Tattoo pen bandage
10X Tattoo Ink (5ML)
1 X Black tattoo ink (30ML/bottle)
20 x Small size ink cups with base
1 X Disposable gloves
2 X Thick blank practice skin (3mm thick)
1 X Ointment
20 X Tattoo needle cartridges (3RL 5RL 5RM 7RM)

Advantages of This Tattoo Pen Kit

  1. Fit for beginners to practice, then a long stroke (4.5mm) can easily push large needle groups into the skin and allow you to hang the needle farther out of the tip, which provides greater accuracy when lining. Pens with longer strokes are more suitable for dot, line, traditional, and colored tattoo designs.
  2. Additionally, for even more efficiency, pair it with a wireless battery pack without complicated wires, easy to take away.
  3. It is lightweight and comes at an affordable price. Whether you are a tattoo artist or tattoo apprentice, you have to spend a long time tattooing, flash tattoo pen is lightweight, and can work quickly, so it will make your job easier. For tattoo apprentices, its price is affordable. If it is your first tattoo pen, then it will witness you becoming a true tattoo artist.


Complete Tattoo Pen Kit with Red Tattoo Pen

A pen design for those who like the thin pen, which was easy to hold, like the real pen, the machine weighs a total of 92 g, lightweight but texture. The ergonomic design of the pen is gentle on your wrist and prevents fatigue during long tattooing sessions. Thanks to its pen-style shape, the machine is also easy to cover for hygiene purposes. The new tattoo pen adopts a coreless motor and works powerfully. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours. 10000 Revolutions Per Minute at 8V. The working voltage is 6-8V. The tattoo machine has a 3.5 mm stroke and offers continuously-adjustable needle protrusion from 0 to 4.0 mm. It also features a protected 3.5 mm jack plug connection at its base.

tattoo pen kitPackage

1 × tattoo pen
1 ×RCA cord
20 × tattoo needle cartridges (1203RL, 1205RL, 1205RM, 1207RM 5pcs for each)
1 × dual tattoo power supply
1 × tattoo foot pedal
20 × random tattoo ink (5ml each bottle)
50× plastic tattoo ink caps
2 × blank tattoo skin
5 × tattoo thermal paper
1× pair gloves
2× self-cohesive tattoo grip cover
1 × ointment
1 × tattoo pen kit manual

Advantages of This Tattoo Pen Kit

  1. A complete tattoo pen kit with everything you need.
  2. Compatible with many cartridge needles.
  3. Top-quality craftsmanship.


Magnetic Tattoo Pen Kit

This magnetic tattoo pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It adopts CNC integrated carving process, which makes sure machine parts are wear-resistant. This machine is quiet and stable during operation. Thanks to its minimal design, the Magnetic tattoo pen provides tattoo artists with an excellent and trouble-free rotary machine, allowing them to spend less time setting up their machine and more time on tattooing. They were designed to cover all aspects of tattooing, the perfect all-rounder pen machine that can be used just as well for lining, shading, and color packing.  The included adjustable cartridge grip is compatible with all major cartridge brands. Both the machine and the grip are made out of aircraft aluminum.

tattoo pen kitPackage

1 X Magnetic tattoo pen
2 X Tattoo pen bandage
1 X Tattoo power supply
8 X Tattoo ink (30ML each bottle)
1 X Tattoo foot pedal
20 X Tattoo needle cartridges
40 X Tattoo ink caps
5 X Tattoo stencil paper
1X Pair disposable glove
2 X Thick tattoo practice skin (3mm thick)
1 X ointment

Advantages of This Tattoo Pen Kit

  1. A tattoo pen with a medium stroke (3.5mm) is best for packing color and blending. It has enough power for lining with smaller needle groupings, but it will struggle with larger ones. You can also do some black and grey (but not ultra-smooth portraits that require several passes).
  2. Different from traditional tattoo pens, this pen comes with a magnetic connector design. This end on the pen is going to be sealed so that sterilizing fluids won’t get inside and ruin your motor whenever you’re cleaning your machine.
  3. This kit has thick tattoo practice skin which is better for beginners to practice tattooing.

Wormhole tattoo pen and power supply come with a 12-month warranty. The Tattoo foot pedal and clip cord come with a 6-month warranty.
Those kits all can be ordered in the wormhole tattoo supply, choose the most suitable kits for yourselves.

tattoo pen

The Newest Wireless Tattoo Pens Launched in Wormhole Tattoo

As always, the best pen-style rotary for you depends on preference, how you tattoo, your style, plus many more factors. However, you can be sure that whichever tattoo pen machine you opt for you will get the job done to the highest of standards!

During the last 10 years, we used the heavy and messy coil with tattoo supply and tattoo foot pedal. At that time no one has imagined that it will be all gone and just a battery-powered wireless pen will replace everything.

The main advantage of wireless pens gives more space for workstations and hygiene and a stress-free setup.

Today, we will introduce two types of wireless tattoo pens. They will draw your attention to different aspects.


The Ready Tattoo Pen-It Will Be Ready Whenever You Are

wireless tattoo pen

A pen named by our fans. (There is a digress from the topic at hand, follow our FB and join our groups and get the coupons.)

This pen has a drive motor and comes with a 4.5 mm stroke. Also, it adopts a direct drive system, so it works powerfully. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours. The coreless motor makes the tattoo pen work quietly, less noise. Moreover, it won’t heat up easily and has a long service life.

The pen body is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. Anti-slip and groove design provides a comfortable feel.

The pen comes with an interchangeable RCA adapter that allows it to work wireless and wired. Choose whatever working model you like. This battery is rechargeable. It lasts for 6 hours of work and takes 2 hours to recharge from empty. Its output voltage is 4.5-12V. It can shade quickly even when it works at 4.5V. You can adjust the power by changing its voltage.

A tattoo pen with a long stroke (4.5mm) can push large needle groups into the skin with ease and allows you to hang the needle farther out of the tip, which provides greater accuracy when you’re lining. Pens with longer strokes are more suitable for dot, line, traditional, and colored tattoo designs. Also, it comes with an RCA jack, so this tattoo pen can work as wired. When the battery was dead, you can replace the battery with the RCA jack. This lovely design is very friendly in case it runs out of power, meaning you can work without worrying about unlimited life.

wireless tattoo penPackage

A Tattoo pen with an RCA head

A USB-C power cable

An RCA tattoo clip cord


Advantages of This Tattoo Pen

  1. Even though this wireless tattoo pen works gently, it also makes shading quickly. so it causes less skin damage and saves time. In other words, this tattoo pen is a nice choice for both tattoo beginners and professional tattoo artists.
  2. There is an interchangeable RCA adapter for this wireless tattoo pen, so it is reliable to work for a long time.


The HK03 Tattoo Pen

tattoo penAbove is HK03 wireless tattoo pen machines, which give freedom to charge the battery whenever you want and put your machine for charging. The pen comes with two batteries and a charger, which means two batteries can be charged simultaneously. So the tattoo artist does not need to worry about the problem that the tattoo machine has no electricity. One piece of power bank can last for 6 hours of work and takes 2 hours to recharge from empty. Battery capacity: 1200MAH

This tattoo pen is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. It adopts a CNC integrated carving process, ensuring machine parts are wear-resistant. A coreless motor is located inside it, so the pen works powerfully without heating up. Generally, its service life is more than 3000 hours. The motor is strong, with a voltage range of 4.5-12V and with an RPM of 14000.

With an ergonomic pen design, an LCD electronic display for intuitive control of tattoo voltage changes and displays information ensuring freedom when tattooing and allowing the artist to focus on the highly artistic work at hand. The button of “power”,”+” “-” is flexible to control, and accurately adjust the voltage. Low vibration allows you to enjoy an absolute quiet work operation, 2 batteries can be sufficient to ensure that the tattoo long-term work.

This handy machine is incredibly affordable and comes in black and red. Weighing in at just 173g, the HK03 wireless tattoo pen is lightweight, sleek, and easy to maneuver. That means you can count on total mobility and comfort when it comes to long tattooing sessions — it’ll definitely be clutch when taking on a demanding full-back panel. Combined with its 4.5mm stroke length, the machine is great for color packing and bold lines. And HK03 performs well with soft shading, making it an excellent all-around machine for all kinds of tattooing. Whether you’re doing fine line work, whip shading, or dot work, the Pen is ready for the challenge. See for yourself how it performs. It could be a great fit for you.

tattoo penPackage

1 X tattoo pen

1 X Charger


Advantages of This Tattoo Pen

  1. 2 wireless power banks with long battery life
  2. Minimal noise and vibration
  3. Compatible with most tattoo needles on the market


Now that you’ve got the low-down on the newest wireless tattoo pens Launched in Wormhole Tattoo, it’s time to get tattooing. The most important thing–these two types of tattoo wireless pens both come with one year of warranty.

Ready to find which one is best for you? Check out our entire wireless tattoo machine selection at the Wormhole Tattoo Supply store. We’d love to see what you can create with your ideal wireless tattoo machine. No matter which machine your artist chooses to use, rest assured that both of these tattoo machines are perfectly capable of creating the tattoo of your dreams when they are operated by a talented artist.

How Deep Should A Tattoo Needle set?

The scariest thing about getting a tattoo? For most people, it’s the needle. You worry that the pain may be too much, or that the needle might go too deep. That is why we want to talk about how deep into the skin the tattoo needle goes, as well as the mechanics of the tattoo machine and needle. By familiarizing yourself with how things work, you can be less anxious and more excited about getting a new tattoo.

All About The Tattoo Needle

One of the signs of a skilled tattoo artist is how they manage the depth and pressure of the tattoo needle. Someone who uses a tattoo needle expertly will not only bring about more beautiful images but also diminish some of the pain you experience.

Tattoos are typically made of nickel, chrome, or steel. The standard thickness is between 0.30mm-0.35mm, though some needles can be much thinner. Magnum or bug pin needles run around 0.20mm-0.25mm. Needles also come in different shapes for coloring, shading, and dotting. Round needles, for instance, are used for lines and shading. While flat needles are best for dark lines with cleaner edges. Regardless of the shape, size, or purpose, all tattoo needles are sterilized before use and disposed of after your tattoo is finished.

We have introduced how to choose the correct tattoo needles before, but do you know how to find the correct needle depth for your tattoo? Let’s find out how to set needle depth on a tattoo machine with a few steps.

Check the Skin Typer

Every human skin is different. There are five common types of skin, such as Oily, Normal, Combination, Dry, and Sensitive. Understanding your skin type can help you to correct Set the Needle Depth.

Understanding Skin Layer

tattoo needle depth

Human skin has three different layers and each performs a very different function. You should know that tattoo needles are used to insert tattoo ink into a person’s skin to color the tattoo design to make it looks more exquisite and vivid. All the penetrations are done on the epidermis, which may be more acceptable if being called the first layer of skin. The needles go no deeper than the dermis, the second layer of skin. The depth of tattoo needles decides the appearance and attraction of the tattoo designs. As the ink can’t be penetrated right with the wrong depth and colors can’t be shown to the full extent. Also, the level of pain is also determined by the depth. If the needle goes too deep, it may cause excessive bleeding then, which affects the cleanliness of the skin and makes it more difficult the heal the skin.

After the tattooing process, damage to your skin can occur at any time. The epidermis will be damaged and replaced with new cells while surrounding all layers of it – the papillary layer (topmost), dermal-epidermal junction, and in between them. These look like mush right after getting inked, but they’ll strangely change back 7 – 13 days later.

When there is an injury, the first response from our immune system is to stop bleeding. Immune cells like neutrophils and macrophages migrate in as they clean up any remaining debris left behind by this process before moving on through lymphatic vessels back towards circulation, where more sophisticated organs can be found.

They happen most often with beginners who don’t know how deeply they’re placing their needles before making an impression on you.

What happens if a tattoo needle goes too deep or too shallow?


Blowouts are a common tattoo complication that occurs when the artist puts too much ink into your skin. Blowouts can show up immediately after getting inked, but some people may notice them weeks later or even years down the road!

Raised lines

The scarring of tattoos can be seen in various parts, such as line-work. If a tattooer goes too deep during the process and hits delicate areas like arms or fingers, they may have raised scabs where there were once smooth surfaces.

Soon fading

One of the worst things about tattoos is when they fade. When a tattoo artist doesn’t go deep enough with their needles, it will be more prone to rapid fading. And you might not even know that your old ink was still there.

How do tattoo artists set the needle depth?

For an experienced tattoo artist, it seems to be a piece of cake. They can eyeball the needle and tell whether the depth is suitable or not. But a novice should do more steps.

To know all the trifles of tattoo practice is a must, which helps you get more familiar with the tattoo equipment involved in tattooing. Then you should measure the thickness of human skin, which varies from person to person. Usually, the thickness will be 1-to-2 deep between the thickness of a dime and a nickel and slightly less shallow than a hair follicle. The measurement will be much easier after some needle depth

The depth of tattoo needles differs according to your purpose. For outlining, the depth should be set at around 1.22mm. For shading, set the needles to be at 3/32″ on a 10-wrap tattoo machine, and 1/16″ on an 8-wrap machine. Then don’t forget to ride the tube to keep the depth consistent.

After setting the depth of the tattoo needles, remember not to enact on the skin immediately as you may make mistakes when just getting started tattooing. Try the depth on grapefruit at first. If it shreds, you have got a great depth for your tattoo needles.

The depth of a tattoo needle is one of the most important aspects of creating amazing artwork. I hope now you can set the Correct Needle Depth on a Tattoo Machine easily. Just remember 1mm will be the minimum depth, and 2mm will be the maximum. Keep your practice continues, Try to learn from experience tattoo artists, it could be the best idea.


How to choose the correct tattoo needles?

Many customers ask us how to choose the proper needles, the difference between RL and RM, the difference between traditional tattoo needles and cartridge tattoo needles, and so on.
Today, let’s talk about tattoo needles.

The basic information about tattoo needles

There are an infinite number of needle styles, but they all fall into four basic categories:

Round Tattoo Needles

Round tattoo needles area unit needles that area unit soldered around a central shaft in spherical patterns. Spherical needles are liners or shaders. Spherical liners area units packed tightly (close together), which makes them excellent for technical work, little lines, and details. You may additionally see loose spherical liners. Loose spherical liners area unit used for thick, daring outlines like those found on Japanese-style tattoos. The spherical shaders area unit is nice for general color fill and basic shading.
Round needles area unit marked RL (Round Liner), RM( Round Magnum), and RS (Round Shader) for brief. You will nearly always see them written with their range ahead, like 9RL. The amount ahead tells you’ve got several needles area units in the configuration. Therefore a nine RL has 9 needles placed in a very circle configuration, a seven RL has 7 so on. If you are simply beginning out, you’ll be wanting to concentrate on spherical shaders in sizes three, 5, 7, and nine for a few shading and filling in little areas. Round needles use a similar size tube, therefore if you’re employing a 9RL needle, you’ll use a 9R tube. Pretty easy.

Magnum Tattoo Needles

The Magnum needles area unit is the go-to for nearly all shading work. These sets have an extended taper similar to or larger than the taper found on spherical shaders. Magnums deliver tons of ink, creating them ideal for extensive areas of color. As a result of the permit most ink through, you’ll want fewer passes over a locality victimization wine bottle needles, which suggests they’ll do more minor injury to the skin throughout multiple passes. There is a unit with some variations of curved magnum needles:

Round Magnums

Round curved magnums (also known as arcuate magnums) area unit reasonably cover version of the magnum needle. spherical (or rounded, each terms area unit correct) magnums area unit organized so the information arch at the middle. The thought is that this rounded edge conforms higher to the skin, giving a lot of consistent lines, higher ink dispersion, and less skin injury.
Round magnums area unit marked as RM with the number of needles beforehand. A five RM means a five-needle curved magnum with 5 needles to the bar, and also the rounded arrangement of points.


A single Magnum is used to shading, which also is known as Waved magnum. Most commonly used, easy to color.


Double-Magnum needles are used for solid shading. Because the needle tip density is relatively high. Therefore, the depth of penetration into the skin is relatively shallow, which is suitable for a very fine mist.

Flat Tattoo Needle

Flat tattoo needles area unit needles that area unit soldered in a very line to a needle bar. These needles area unit the foremost fashionable for the lining. As a result, their form lets them deliver a lot of ink to the skin. this implies clearer, darker lines with only one stroke.
Flat needles area unit marked Flat Liner or, less often, FS Flat Shader for brief. A bit like spherical needles, these area units are written out with the number of pins ahead, like 7FL or 5FS.
Also, like spherical needles, flat needles use their twin-sized tubes, therefore a 7FL needle can use a 7F tube.

The differences between Traditional tattoo needles and Cartridge Tattoo needles

Traditional tattoo needles are a group of needles that means needle bars solder together. They form a tattoo needle configuration on the bar. Cartridge tattoo needles are glued into a plastic piece called the plunger. The plunger is hosted in a plastic house which is sealed by the membrane cap. The membrane is the mechanism that continuously pulls the tattoo needles back into the housing. Coil and some rotary machines can use traditional tattoo needles, and a tattoo pen and some rotary machines can use cartridge tattoo needles. It all depends on the machine you use.

Tattoo Needle buying and what to look out for

Does this work with my gear?

Be sure to check the needles you are looking to purchase will match your setup. Make sure you have or buy the correct tubes or tips to match your needle gauge, size, and type.

Are the needles pre-sterilized and well made?

Wormhole Tattoo Traditional Needles are made of medical-grade stainless steel. Standard-length to fit all tattoo tubes and tattoo machines. Each tattoo needle has its own sealed package and comes with a blue dot. Each needle is individually stamped with expiration and sterilization dates.
Wormhole Tattoo cartridge needles are specially designed to catch more ink and make the tattoo ink flow well. Light grey and different color tail cover to help you to recognize the type. Tattoo needles are sharper that puncture the skin quickly and work stably. Rubber plug connection, good resilience, prevent tattoo ink flow back.
Condition: 100% New and work well

Are these tattoo needles right for what I want to do?

You don’t want to buy some 15 magnum needles if you specifically need to carry out some sleek linework. The same applies if you need to fill in some large color or do some soft shading; you don’t want to end up realizing you’ve bought some small round liner needles. Again, be sure to check out our handy guide above which will indicate what type of tattoo work each needle configuration is used for.

As much as this is a tattoo needle guide, however, we’ve tried to give you as much of the correct information as you’ll need. If you are searching for and finding this tattoo needle guide, you should already have a good level of understanding of tattoo needles and their uses by the route of a tattoo apprenticeship with a professional tattoo artist.


What’s the Best Tattoo Machine Kit for Beginners?

Are you looking for fantastic Tattoo Machine Kits Professionals? Do you want the best deal, the best value, or the top-of-the-line model? Do you find research to be a source of anxiety? There are too many tattoo pen kits on the market to choose from, however, how to choose the best tattoo machine kit?

Now let us lead you into the tattooing world.

Everyone starts somewhere and we are here to guide you all the way. The list down below gives you a guide into what you need to look for while looking for the best starter tattoo machine kit.

  1. Tattoo pen
  2. Dual digital tattoo power supply
  3. Tattoo cartridge needles (5 x 5RL, 5 x 5RM)
  4. Tattoo inks
  5. Standard power cord
  6. RCA clip cord
  7. Foot pedal
  8. Ink cups with base
  9. Tattoo practice skin
  10. Transfer paper
  11. Cohesive bandage
  12. Pair of blue nitrile gloves
  13. Tattoo pen kit user manual

Those are the basics to look for in any beginner’s tattoo machine kit.

The essentials of the best starter tattoo machine kit

Tattoo Pen

Good quality of pen can determine the whole kit’s level.

The Wormhole Tattoo Pen HP05-A is a pen-style tattoo machine, that is different from the traditional coil machine and rotary machine, it can help you save time fixing the kit, which was an innovative design when first released. This design means that the machine is quieter and less vibrates than conventional tattoo devices – without sacrificing puncturing power.

tattoo penThe tattoo pen has strong power, high-frequency stability, light sound, most suitable for precise and fast shader and liner work. The frame part is able to disassemble and maintenance, replacement parts, and the tattoo pen grip are autoclavable. The pen is finely carved CNC, wear resistance, long life. And it can be compatible with various brands’ tattoo power supplies and tattoo cartridge needles.

Tattoo Cartridge Needles

tattoo needlesThe wormhole tattoo cartridge needles are specially designed to catch more ink and make the tattoo ink flow well. Light grey and different color tail cover to help you to recognize the type. Tattoo needles are sharper that puncture the skin quickly and work stably. Rubber plug connection, good resilience, prevent tattoo ink flow back.

Condition: 100% New and work well

Material: PVC and the needles are made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel (316L).

Package: All needles are packaged in an Individual sterile blister Pack

Quantity: 20 pcs/box

Safety: Sterilized by EO gas

Tattoo Power Supply

power supplyThe power supply is also an important part of one kit. Wormhole Tattoo’s power supply –DY02 has one-liner output and one shader output, you can change the model whenever you want. This power supply provides solid and consistent 1.5 amp output and adjusts from 3volts to 13 volts. Operate among rotary, coil, and pen tattoo machines at maximum efficiency without having to switch modes. Wormhole tattoo power supply provides quick and accurate activation/voltage adjustments.

Foot Pedal

foot pedalWormhole tattoo foot pedal N1007-9A is made of stainless steel 360, high-quality stainless steel body, durable and reliable. The connecting line is long enough to connect your tattoo foot pedal to the power supply. The users can easily control the tattoo machine at any angle, suitable for all standard tattoo machines. Just connect the power supply of the tattoo machine and the tattoo pedal, and then press the pedal switch, the tattoo machine gun will work.

Tattoo Supplies

Besides those, tattoo ink, tattoo ink cups, tattoo, transfer paper, and practice tattoo skin are also essential things for a starter. Because we recognize that beginners sometimes have no idea about these supplies. Therefore we prepared a complete tattoo machine kit for all you beginners. This kit includes all things above, and it can offer all needs you want. This is a professional tattoo machine that represents a great choice for a tattoo artist or for someone who wants to be tattooed by an artist who’s using the best technology available. Moreover, it’s made out of a high-quality material which makes it more durable than others, and lately, it has also become very famous among people.

tattoo pen kitThe complete tattoo machine kit WTK069, which is the top 1 on our website, includes all things you need.

Here are the reviews of this kit.

“Definitely the first tattoo machine that I’ll be picking up every day while practicing and will be with me when I really start working on people. I am not a professional tattoo artist, so I checked with a pro who liked this one. He says this was easy to use and to keep clean. It is good enough quality that he said he would take it if I wanted to swap it for a tattoo, but I would rather he taught me more about how to be a better artist. I can hold this pretty well because it is about the length of a pen or pencil, but really fat. But my practice art (on leather) still looks too sloppy while I learn how to control the pen.”

“This pen is so easy to use. It is lightweight and quieter than others. It is long but thick. I thought it would be clumsy to use due to the thickness, but boy was I wrong. I used it for at least a couple of hours without any hand tiredness or cramping. Very slick and while I’m just using practice skins, with this one I feel like I might graduate to trying people soon.”

“This is my absolute favorite tattoo machine/device of all the ones I’ve used over the years. It’s stable, steady, and holds a charge very well. Provides a reliable tattooing experience from start to finish with perfect glide, beautiful color saturation, pristine linework, and easy-to-use setting adjustment. The motor is whisper quiet and the operation of this device is a breeze. Hand feel is comfortable, the entire machine weighs almost nothing yet delivers a powerful and crisp tattoo every time.”

Moreover, the wormhole tattoo pen and power supply come with 1 warranty, and the tattoo foot pedal and clip cord come with 6 months. However, we do not suggest beginners tattoo people’s skin directly.